New e-course! Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017!! Giveaway announcement!

I am so excited to announce I am a guest teacher on a brand new course!

To find out more read here and scroll down for the amazing giveaway!!

Paint your Heart and Soul is a brand new online art course, mostly concentrating on Portraiture and Figurative Story Telling art, but not only! In addition to portraits and figures we will have some classes on painting flowers, birds and landscapes, which will help us express ourselves and expand our visual storytelling ability.

The course is both for beginners and experienced artists as it includes step by step instructions and is full of information about different techniques and products, which will boost creativity and inspiration!

Your hostess for this course is the amazing Olga Furman who is a dear friend of mine and creates beautiful story telling paintings! This is a collaboration of 17 amazingly talented artists, who are joining me on a 50 week long journey of creating art with you!

All 18 Teachers are visual story tellers and dreamers who create our own beautiful imaginative world and we are opening our heart and soul and invite you into our world.


Frame Artist (1)


There is going to be at least 40 lessons!!! And it is not all – we are going to have a few different fun activities too!!!

  • listing and explaining art supplies used
  • showing the whole painting process
  • step by step demonstrations and instructions
  • explanation on how to protect and varnish your finished artwork.

The course contains dozens of hours of videos!!! Artists will share with you everything about their art: where they get ideas, inspiration for their art, share with you their knowledge of using different mediums and art supplies, such as acrylics, oils and pastels, just to name a few! They will share with you their tips and tricks of creating artworks in their unique styles.

All this for just only $90 early bird price!!!

The early bird price lasts until December 31, 2016. Starting January 1, 2017 the price will go up to $125. It’s a fraction of its real value, and if you are somewhat familiar with online art classes, you know this is an irresistible deal! It makes me very happy we can make art lessons affordable for everyone! You will be busy the whole year creating beautiful art for this amazing price!

How the course works

  • Exclusive access to the online classroom
  • New lesson every Wednesday
  • Email reminder of lessons and class access link by email
  • exclusive facebook group to get valuable feedback from teachers. This is great for sharing your work in a private space and joining in with the community of other students!
  • Every other month on a first Wednesday we will have Catch-up, there will be 6 Catch-up Wednesdays all together. These weeks are to relieve the stress of falling behind and for self development.
  • We will have a few fun activities in addition to the 40 regular lessons. You will find out about them as you join the course.
  • And… all the videos are downloadable and you can keep them all FOREVER on your device.

Here are some examples of my recent paintings!
Queen Papillon             athena smallmeet me in the winter (smaller)

bird woman small  

To find out more head on over HERE


each teacher has been given one free slot to give away for this amazing class! My giveaway date is the 1st of November so between now and then you can enter to win! If you have already bought the class you can either receive a refund on your purchase or gift the class to someone else!

To enter into the giveaway please do as many of the following as you wish!

  • Share this blog post to your own social media
  • like my facebook page
  • follow me on instagram

I will draw the winner on the 1st of November randomly from the comments received!


103 thoughts on “New e-course! Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017!! Giveaway announcement!

  1. Lucy, thank you for doing this giveaway. I really hope to win a spot. There are so many wonderful artists teaching this course that I would love to learn from. I just started my art journey last December and there is still so much that I don’t know and I feel like Paint you Heart and Soul is a great place to learn many of the things I want to know more about.
    I shared on Google +


  2. Love your work Lucy. Would love the chance to win a spot in the course. I liked your FB page as well. Fingers crossed!


  3. I had already liked your FB page and I shared the post and some sample art on my timeline.

    I am hoping that the variety of teachers will help me to further discover what I really love and so define my own style of art.


  4. Shared. Thanks for the opportunity Lucy. I was excited to hear about this new class. I love what you are working on to share with us. There are a new lot of teachers which is exciting. I know both you and Olga and you are both amazing.😊


  5. Would love to win a spot and learn from all these amazing teachers – but most of all I would love to learn how you combine your photographs so seamlessly with mixed media. Shared on G+ and my Facebook page 😉


  6. I would love to win a spot gleaning from all these wonderful artists, but really wanting to learn the portraiture techniques, to which your art is such a beautiful example!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!


  7. Lucy, I saw what you posted and this caught my attention!! THIS is why I want to join!! I was lucky enough to win one of your beautiful paintings in auction and I would love t learn your technique!!! Thanks for this chance to win!!


  8. Lucy,thank you for the opportunity to get into your class. I SHARED AND FOLLOWED all media on your list. I’ve done a few other online courses, including lifebook. It’s time for a change, I love your style!! I really, really would love to win this class! Thanks… ♡♡♡ Karla


  9. Hi Lucy, I am a mixed media artist, art journalist and watercolorist. I have recently really feel in love with painting portraits, but struggle with the various features. Once I got the eyes down which takes a lot of practice, the nose comes a long and throws me on a most frustrating journey. I could learn so much from this class. I am obsessed with portraiture and really want to build my technical skills. I would be grateful to win a spot in this class. Liked your Facebook page and love your art. Thank you so much for this chance at expanding my art skills. Belinda @maddbeesstudio


  10. Hi dear Lucy! This sounds fabulous!!! I would love to venture out and learn with all of these beautiful (new to me) faces/artists/kindred spirits! 🙂 xo So glad to see you doing this. I already like/love your facebook page and follow you on instagram and am now commenting to try my luck once again! 😉 Beautiful blessings to you! xo, Julia (ps – moved from Loving Rd to Thrive True website)


  11. Hello Lucy,
    Just recently I found your website and joined you on facebook straightaway. Love the colors you’re using, they give me a very peaceful feeling, inspire me and make me feel happy and enjoy them every time I look at them.
    Love painting, nature and the little things in life. Not really tried faces or persons but love to learn.
    So yes ! I would love to win this course too. 🙂
    Wishing you lots of warm and lovely greetings,
    Josephine McVean


    • hi josephine! thank you for finding me! the paint your heart and soul giveaway was last year unfortunately well past now but the course is still ongoing and I also have my own gelli printing ecourse “imprinted” which you can see details of on here too


  12. Hi, Lucy, I’ve just discovered you and your wonderful work while researching gelli printing online – my partner has bought me a gelli plate for my 66th birthday next month. Can’t wait to start using it and your course sounds perfect for the sort of art I wish to produce. using not just the gelli plate but also mixed media. I’ve started following you on Facebook. At last I am retired and have time to do all the lovely art and craft things I never had time for in the past!! Thank you for inspiring me!


    • hi jean! thanks so much! what a wonderful thing to be able to spend lots of retirement time arting! and what a wonderful partner for gifting you a gelli plate! 🙂


  13. i would love to win a creative space on this course. i have lost my mojo i have a gelli plate that is rarely used. i would love to learn how you incorperate photos into your art so seamlessly. i love the colours you use and i really need some help to enjoy creating again as i havent done so for a long time , shared on my fb


    • hi there! the giveaway was for the Paint your Heart and soul 2017 and has already closed sorry! this course is ongoing though but my gelli printing class is called “imprinted” and available now! it is a 5 week class and all the lessons are up now. you can find it on my website by clickong on the “imprinted” in the top menu


  14. Hey Lucy, I dared to write you, I have been observing Tamara’s art for some time now and admired the life book concept, but never had a courage to join. Recently I have opened up to my inner artist, and have been deeply guided by mythological creatures of goddeses, and that brings my attention to your art. I am an intuitive artist, always treated art as a tool to see whether what was happening to me, but ihave struggled with lack of self esteem, lack of knowledge of technigues, and I was in that all alone, that is exactly why I would love to join the. Life book 2018.Cause it offers self appreciation,huge support as for background knowledge, and a community of like minded open wonderfull people , Thank you ❤ Kari


  15. Firstly I would like to say … WOW!!! Your work is GORGEOUS. The use of colours and shapes simply speak to me and your animals are so lovely. 🙂 Glad that I came across your site. Secondly, this would be such a great opportunity to win a space. I’ve been dealing with 9 years of struggling both health and financial wise. My family has endured a very long path of pain and I believe some healing is in dire need. I know there are a lot of people struggling financially and physically, so I am just another soul searching for some kind of relief. Hoping and praying that there is someone out there whom will be willing to give me an opportunity to better myself and my life. Sending lots of love to everyone. May you have a blessed day. Hugs and kisses from South Africa xxx


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