Leaf printing with Gelli Arts®️and Folk Art plaid®️ paints

I recently got sent some wonderful new paints to try out alongside my Gelli Arts ®️ printing plates and thought I would share some progress pics with you all!

These paints are by Plaid ®️ and are in the folk art range and have some funky properties! Here is a list of the ones that I was sent:

Extreme glitter in new chick yellow

Color shift in yellow flash, orange flash and red flash

Fiery red glitter

Metallic antique gold

Multi surface in camel, black, linen and honey glaze

I thought they would be perfect for printing with leaves since the colours reminded me of the beginning of fall!

I used a gelli arts ®️ small 6×6 inch plate to create a background in the lighter colour of linen first.

Once this was dry I used the small round plate and some leaves to create two different types of prints: a main print and a ghost print. I started with the lighter colours and used the oranges, yellows and reds to layer up leaf prints. By placing my plate on an old cd case I could press it down on my background and get the print in precisely the same place each time I put down a layer.

You can see here that I rolled out the paint, pressed in the leaves and took one print of that, then removed the leaves and took another ghost print on my second sheet of paper. I worked these up in a few different layers in the same way going from light to darker paint. This paint has lovely shimmery qualities to it! The color shift also shows slight blue aspects once it dries (quite difficult to photograph though sorry!)

Finally I rolled out a layer of black and did my final print layer in that.

So again, I ended up with a main print and a ghost print! I loved working with these paints and look forward to experimenting with them again. Look out for a possible wee video in the near future!

Head on over to the Gelli Arts®️ blog for other fun projects using this product!

6 thoughts on “Leaf printing with Gelli Arts®️and Folk Art plaid®️ paints

  1. Hi Lucy,
    Love your work!
    Wondering if I can purchase the gelli plates anywhere locally to me… Elgin/Forres? or of I need to buy online? If so which company would you recommend?
    Had a chance to try them at a pals house and loved them. Hoping to use them with a group I run as a volunteer… using the arts to build self esteem in teenage girls. I have a class this week… wish I’d thought of it a bit sooner!!!
    Warm regards, Sara


    • Hi sara I’m guessing your best bet is to buy from amazon as they will maybe deliver fairly quickly? Don’t know offhand of local stockists in your area. How exciting I think that will be a fun class!


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