Making seasonal cards with Gelli Arts ® printing plates

In this post I shall be sharing step by step how to make fun seasonal cards using the Gelli Arts® printing plates and minimal supplies. For my examples I made some Christmas cards and valentines cards although this could be adapted to any type of card you like.

Materials used:

  • Small Gelli Arts ® printing plate (I used a 5×5 inch one)
  • a selection of paints in colours of your choice
  • some leaves and texture tools or stencils
  • foam stamps: made by cutting shapes of your choice and sticking to backing board (I use the self adhesive craft foam)
  • plain cards
  • glue
  • brayer

Begin by making some backgrounds. For the deer prints I printed several layers of leaf prints using greens, blues and white. Each of these will give you a main and a ghost print. I then added some detail with sequin waste. You can really make any type of background you like. Experiment and have fun! 

Do the same for the heart cards. For these I used shades of pinks and yellows and layered using a heart stencil and a swirly stencil. 

Finally, I made some stamps using craft foam (this has a sticky back to it) attached to a piece of cardboard. I rolled out paint onto my gel plate and used the brayer to transfer the paint onto the stamp. Then stamp onto your background prints, making sure to press down and rub to get an even transfer. 

The possibilities are endless! 

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