Let’s Gel Digital

Introducing my new online course:

Let’s Gel Digital!

In this course we will be looking at using our gelli prints on the iPad to make digital art. This is a really fun technique and you can really expand on your prints and use them in new and exciting ways!

We will be looking at:

  • Making simple plant and stencil prints
  • Photographing them correctly
  • Using various apps to change the colour and look of them so they can be used multiple times in different ways
  • Getting “elements” from your prints that you can use across many images
  • Making a simple composition in procreate
  • Adding in more elements for a “storytelling” image
  • Using your gelli prints along with painting applications to make a portrait
  • Taking it a step further with more complex compositions
  • Making repeat patterns that you can use for fabric or paper designs

*Please note: you will need to have an iPad for this course!* 

All for the price of £45! 

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The classroom is now open and all lessons are up and available for you to watch at your own speed! the private facebook group is open too and there you can receive feedback from myself and other students. 

This course is for you if:

  • You want to take your gelli prints to the next level
  • You have a stack of half finished or “dud” gelli prints that you don’t know how to finish
  • You have always wanted to know how to make illustrative images using the iPad
  • You like playing with colour and multiple possibilities from a few images

Here are a few examples of the prints we shall be making…..

which we will turn into images such as these!

Supply requirements

I shall give a more complete supply list in the classroom, but here is a condensed version so you can prepare for the class

This class is designed for using an Ipad so this is a must! If you do not have an iPad you may try similar techniques using an android tablet but I use mainly Procreate in this class and that is not available on android, so you would have to find an alternative drawing app. I recommend that if that is the case you get in touch with me first. 

      • Ipad and stylus (or apple pencil – I use an apple pencil but a stylus will work just as well if you do not have an iPad pro) I will list the iPad apps in the classroom
      • Gelli plate (any size)
      • Printing inks or acrylics (I do a lesson on each – both are not necessary)
      • paper
      • brayer
      • plants, or stencils, texture tools etc for gelli printing with



How much gelli printing is involved? can i take this course if i am a beginner?

there are two simple gelli printing videos, as the bulk of the content is about using these digitally. You can certainly jump in if you are a beginner to gelli printing as you do not need to produce “perfect” prints to use them on the iPad (infact, this is a great way of using prints that are less than perfect!) BUT I do not go into the basics of gelli printing (although I do keep these lessons simple) You could first acquaint yourself with the basics through YouTube or from my other course: Imprinted 

Do I have to do the gelli printing part?

NO! if you wanted you could use my techniques with other mixed media backgrounds or paintings. Of course, my techniques look the way they do because I use gelli prints but you could get very cool results if you use your paintings or abstract art instead.

When will i receive my password to the class? How do i access the course?

Once I have received notification of your paypal payment I shall send out an email with all the class login information. Please note that this can take up to 72 hours as I have to do it manually, and am sometimes away from my computer/in another time zone from you. At the start of a course when lots of people are signing up I tend to do this in “batches” at certain times of the day. If you have waited over 72 hours and haven’t yet received an email please first check your spam box, then if nothing is there email me at lucybrydonart@gmail.com or message me over my facebook page and I will see what the issue is.

Is there a private facebook group?

Yes I will set up a private facebook group so students can post work in a safe and supportive environment to get feedback and share with other students and myself. The link to this will be in your welcome email. Please bear in mind that to stop spam and non class members requesting to join I will ask you for your email address in the sign up request page. This means I can cross check you with my payment invoices. Again, it may take up to 72 hours for you to be accepted to the group, but if after that you still haven’t been added please message me and I will solve the issue.

How long does the course run? how many videos are there?

I am launching this as a “self study” class. By this I mean rather than releasing videos every week you are able to access all content as soon as the class starts, and you are free to watch them in your own time frame. There are approximately 15+ videos ( I may add a few extra!)

How long do I have access for? are the videos downloadable?

You have lifetime access! and yes you can download the videos!

Can I sell my art that I produce in the class?

Yes of course! although I do ask that you refrain from selling any that are direct copies of my pieces please, as I sell them myself and that would breach copyright of my own art. I do ask that you kindly tag me or give me credit for any images that you post online that you do in the class. I would prefer if you didn’t sell multiples of class derived work (i.e. prints, cards, images printed on cushions etc) but if you use the course to take your art in its own direction than this is totally great! I encourage you to use the techniques you learn and try something new with it!


Yes of course! If you are doing that please let me know in a message to the seller part in your paypal transaction, with the email of the friend you are gifting it to. Likewise, if your paypal email is different from the email you will be using for the class please let me know so you receive all course information correctly


No, sorry, the class is only for those who have purchased it. The classes within the course remain my property and should not be shared with others, or taught by you to others. I hope you appreciate that I have put a lot of time and effort into the class and cannot allow it to be shared.

Can i get a refund?

No, sorry, all sales are final and no refunds will be given, as soon as you have the course information.

Ready to start creating?

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